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So much time

So much time has passed since I've written. I've released X and Y Ep 3 and two videos on the making of two separate art pieces: Skybot and Grave Goblins (aka "Seeing for the First Time" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes"). It was nice to receive so much feedback on the Skybot video that I put out the Grave Goblin one and will look forward to producing more of those as time goes on. Sadly, X and Y don't seem to be doing so well. They have, at a minimum, 5 more videos to go (8 planets total), so I will finish the series anyway and then see what happens with them after that. In the meantime, I have two projects that I'm just starting to cook: "A Dragon's Fairy Tale" and a book based on Goblins. These are much longer term projects so other, smaller projects will show up as time goes on. I hope all those that are watching are enjoying what I put out and would love some feedback and what you'd like to see/not like to see.

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